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Green Typewriter

About Me

Two things shaped my career: my dad’s weekly newspaper and the typewriter sitting on my mom’s desk at home. I was probably in fourth grade when I sat at that typewriter tapping out front-page stories and headlines for my fictitious newspaper, setting the text up in narrow columns just like the real deal. By junior high, I was helping proofread anything my dad brought home—legal notices, obituaries, a church’s financial statement. My word-crafting continued to evolve. I became a “real” writer and editor with a degree in journalism and mass communications. I branched out from newspapers to national magazines, trade associations and Fortune 500 clients. I’ve written, edited and/or proofread too-many-to count feature and lifestyle stories, custom publications, annual reports, CEO speeches and even an occasional book. As an interviewer, I put sources at ease and dig to uncover special details and anecdotes that bring life to the content. I’ve also dabbled in public relations and marketing for nonprofits. My passion is creating top-notch content for both print and digital formats.

Open Magazines

About You

Your deadline is looming, and you still haven’t touched that story. Perhaps you’ve been staring at a blank screen as you try to cobble together some thoughts for your company’s website. Maybe you’re still reeling from those typos that crept into your marketing materials or signage for your big event. That’s where I come in. I’ll help you get to where you need to go and what you need to get done. Content management, storytelling, editing, proofreading. Whatever your needs, Garlock Communications can handle it.

Client Sampling

Athlon Media Group  •  Better Homes & Gardens  •  Flea Market Style •   Hawkeye Insurance Association  •  Dotdash Meredith. •  Midwest Living • 
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association  •  Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative  •  Soil & Water Conservation Society  •  The Magnolia Journal

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